“I found Jacinto very easy to talk to and immediately felt comfortable. The planning process was fun. He had a very good idea of what he could create on our lot and the project took life quickly. He was responsive and always had great suggestions. We arrived at the final design smoothly and got under way within a couple of months of commitment.


Jacinto was the architect and general contractor for the construction. Things went like clockwork. We were on schedule and more importantly, on budget! Our entire project was done in a timely manner without any “hiccups”.


To summarize, I regard Jacinto Avalos as a personal friend. He and his family are the most sincere and motivated people you could wish to meet. He is not only a fine architect but an equally fine father and husband!


He fulfilled every promise and commitment with my project. His record keeping and attention to detail were immaculate. At no time did I have any concerns about the accuracy of any of the expenditures and in fact he went the extra yard to be cost-effective. I could not have wished for a better experience in building a home in a foreign country. I really never felt “removed” from the project and Jacinto was always available for comment and feed-back.”


Original Owner Casa Azul