“We interviewed a number of architects and viewed their work.  It was in visiting houses by Jacinto Avalos that we became especially excited about the project’s possibilities and selected him as out architect, and later as our builder.  The results validated our choice way beyond our expectations.


Key features of the house and the experience:



The design and planning process was a thoroughly interactive and collaborative experience. We provided our goals and concepts; Jacinto took them further, in creative directions we could not have envisioned.


Design and Function

A major strength of the Avalos approach is his equal attention to design and function. Although the aesthetic effect achieved is extraordinary, it does not require a sacrifice of how things work. In fact, function is integrated into the aesthetic. The full effect of this integration is something we didn’t fully appreciate until we experienced the finished house.



As an example, views are not left to chance, but are planned to capture the beauty of the natural environment. The results are like framed works of art. In fact, wherever one looks, inside or out, everything is pleasing to the eye. Air conditioners, gas tank, satellite dish are well concealed yet accessible. Overall, it is the thoroughly pleasing experience of being anywhere in the house, in any of its numerous great spaces—an experience difficult to capture in a description—that really marks the project’s success.



One of our best decisions, after selection of the architect, was to engage Avalos Arquitectos y Asociados, S.C. for the construction of the house as well. This assured that the design vision and all its elements were faithfully executed and that shortcuts, or failure to appreciate the technical specifications, did not alter the intended outcome. On the contrary, construction management by the architect allowed for adjustments that assured that the intent of the design was realized.



The relationship with Avalos Arquitectos y Asociados, S.C. does not, or need not, end with completion of the house. Continuous maintenance, monitoring of condition, attention where needed has been a service of considerable value for part-time residents like us.”


Original Owners Casa Dos Hermanas