“Our collaboration with [Jacinto Avalos] on the design and construction of our home in Cabo San Lucas has resulted in a one of a kind home that is truly spectacular. Upon seeing Casa Serena for the first time, friends and visitors are amazed at its beauty and warmth.


The construction came in under budget despite many upgrades that were made. It was completed in only 16 months, which was remarkable considering the size and complexity of the home.


[Jacinto was] vital throughout the process from the acquisition of the land all the way through to [his] assistance in furnishing our home. [Jacinto] and Cecilia even went so far as to travel throughout Mexico to assist us in finding our furnishings, including having our furniture custom made, and introducing us to artists and galleries for fine art. The quality of Casa Serena is as good as I’ve seen anywhere in Mexico and compares favorably to the finest homes in the world. Beyond our professional relationship, the friendship we’ve had with you and Cecilia has been very special to us as well.”

Owner Casa Serena