Casa Clark

Project close to our heart given our memorable experience with the owners and because, despite its years, it continues to be in vogue. A vacation home harmoniously set in a cliff facing the Pacific, respectful of the rock formations that surround it and adapted to the topography and dry climate of the coast. In 1989, it was the first project in Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas to introduce a new spatial concept--a novel, contextual architectural language--tailored to the climate and lifestyle of a comfortable and practical beach house. It features minimalist spaces organized in a functional, lineal design adapted to the 80-meter long terrain by means of inverted volume and intertwined walls, all the while preserving the ocean views, where nature is the relevant and transcendent feature and architectural elements yield to them in order to frame and appreciate the landscape. No sloping, tiled roofs or clay floors were used, no wooden window structures with small openings subdividing sheets and glass, nor the color white. Instead, the project features vaults, flat roofs covered with lawns or round river stones, and large windows and frames. It features what is probably the first infinity pool in B.C.S., sand colored with a few bright colored accents and only the essential fixtures. The entrance to the house is a unique triangular stairway that creates a funnel effect and leads into a roofed inner patio. The large walls are in perfect peace and harmony. The roofs are covered with lawns or round river rocks and pebbles.


Location Cabo San Lucas, México
Sq Footage 16,667
Construction Period 1990 - 1991