Casa Wahoo

Home located on a cliff on the Pacific Coast, where volume was achieved with large walls isolating it from the rest of the world and large rooms with ocean views that open to patios, terraces, balconies, and gardens. Sliding windows that either expose or shelter the rooms from the winds. Originally designed for a Mexican family whose members feared heights and cliffs and later renovated and expanded for a family from the states. It is now home to the third owner. This three-story project offers a very wide surface with generous spaces integrated with patios, terraces, and gardens tailored to an intense social life in the middle level, an independent upper floor for guests and a totally private lower level for the family. All the window structures are hidden in double walls, which creates the impression of living outdoors in a great covered terrace. The living rooms, dining room, kitchen, barbeque yard, family room, outdoor dining room, palm roof hut (palapa), swimming pool, sunbathing terraces, landscaped patios, a patio that is sheltered from the wind, a jacuzzi, and a chimney flow unobstructed, allowing for visual communication and the interaction of diverse activities. All rooms have an ocean view.


Location Cabo San Lucas, México
Sq Footage 13,417
Construction Period 1992 - 1994; 1999