Casa Dos Hermanas

Co-owned by two families who love simplicity, order, and nature. Originally designed and built as a family meeting place for two sisters, one living in Massachusetts and the other in Oregon. Both couples were refined and extremely educated and considerate. This compelled us to work with each one individually, with the couples, and as a group, resulting in a very rewarding and enriching experience. The home has had four owners who have profoundly loved and appreciated it, and has gone through three renovations and extensions without losing its original character and charm. The house is tailored to the topography and organized around patios and terraces like a little village, where common spaces and areas for entertaining emulate town buildings and public spaces while the bedrooms simulate individual dwellings. The stairs would be the alleys connecting all the spaces. All this results in a strong feeling of community and cohabitation on the one hand, and a feeling of independence and individuality on the other. It offers a variety of spaces and experiences that allow its residents to relax and enjoy the home with no desire to leave. A central courtyard sheltered from the wind gives unity to the composition. It features a tree, a chimney and a palm roof hut and is surrounded by the living room, dining room, and pool. There are ocean views from all the various levels. The windows have wooden shutters and disappear behind double walls to integrate the interior and exterior in a single environment. Pergolas offer shelter from the heat and the intense sunlight. The round river rocks covering the roof terraces offer thermal insulation and are visually attractive. The sponged beige tones merge the house with the natural environment. Niches and a colored wall for each room offer harmonious contrast.


Location Cabo San Lucas, México
Sq Footage 9,792
Construction Period 1997 - 1998