Casa de la Playa

Successful simultaneous reconstruction and expansion project of a beach front house that previously lacked scale, harmony, functionality, and atmosphere. Only most of the roof and very few of the walls were preserved. Originally, the house had three bedrooms and two baths, and the expansion resulted in six suites and 6.5 baths; a closed-in double parking garage, inner courtyard, wide terraces with barbeque deck, swimming pool and jacuzzi with sun decks; a service area and laundry room with plenty of storage rooms; a large family room were also added. It has become a house considered cheerful and friendly, comfortable, functional, and an excellent investment by owners and visitors alike. A vacation home great for entertaining one couple or a group. The kitchen became the center of the house as well as the outdoor living room. The backyard is the component that allows for cross ventilation and, with its fountain and orange trees, is a source of natural light, peace, and tranquility. The image is worth a thousand words in this case, so we’ve added the “before and after” plans for reference.


Location Cabo San Lucas, México
Sq Footage 10,474
Construction Period 1998 - 1999