Parish of Christ Redeemer

This project was carried out during the span of over ten years at the request of the parish priest, Father Juan Carlos Lépe Viveros, with the generous support of many individuals and the efforts of a community whose origin was characterized by scarce development and families of limited economic resources. The project brought together the wishes, aspirations, needs, and possibilities of the parish priest and the community, with the added support of nationals and foreigners, Catholic and non-Catholics alike. The parish complex includes the church; the belfry; the parish building with its rooms, stores, offices, and crypt; the portico and the public square. The church has a semicircular ground floor that instills a sense of unity and proximity with the priest and among the parishioners during services. The simplicity of the space invites prayer, as does the great central cross, which is unusual because the extended arms are enormous in contrast to the small horizontal body, as if they were embracing the parishioners. A central skylight with three concentric circles symbolizes the Holy Trinity. Structurally, they are supporting the roof of the church, whose fractured form imitates beams of light radiating towards the city while covering and sheltering the churchgoers.


Location Cabo San Lucas, México
Sq Footage 19,153
Construction Period 2000 - 2007; 2008 - 2009