Villa Bellísima

A large scale, complex project due to the sharp natural slope of the land -- more than sixty degrees -- and the high drop of a cliff. The structure was virtually constructed in open space by making use of the firm portions of the land. The residence had to be long and built in five levels, thus requiring an elevator. The owners wanted an awesome yet practical home, and their wish was definitely fulfilled. The first expression of everyone is Wow! There are nine ocean front bedroom suites (with walk-in closet, bathroom, private patio, balcony or deck, bedroom and desk) distributed among three levels so that each one is just above or below the main level of the residence that houses all the common areas and services: two swimming pools, jacuzzi, gym, living room, dining room, kitchen, game room, large terraces, barbeque, steam bath, and three powder rooms - bathrooms. Built with large events in mind, the house has an industrial-size kitchen adequate for banquets. Additionally, there is a fully equipped business center and a VIP-style projection room. Access is through a courtyard with a sculpture, on the same level as the convenient parking area for boats, jet skis, and motorcycles as well as cars.


Location Cabo San Lucas, México
Sq Footage 17,590
Construction Period 2007 - 2008