Villa Camaleón

Luxury three-level home overlooking the beach that has become a showcase for the natural beauty of the place and for its works of art by famous Mexican artists. The structure also proudly exhibits the talent of the craftsmen and builders who constructed it. From the outside, the walls of Villa Camaleón suggest an introverted personality, but Juan Soriano’s La Paloma subtly reveals what really happens in its interior. Great architectural creations are works of art, especially when they seek to create a space for the human spirit to flourish. The backbone of the house is a longitudinal stairway converted into a glass tunnel that runs from the street, through the house, and across the property all the way to the beach. From the entrance, it surprises us with its luminosity, climaxing in the waves that break on the sand. From that moment on, the presence of the sea pulses in every space and room of the house. Surprising care and attention was given to the materials: Slab stone imported from Arizona that was laid skin-like with unnoticeable dry unions, resembling a jigsaw puzzle and inciting one to go barefoot.


Location Cabo San Lucas, México
Sq Footage 12,711
Construction Period 2005 - 2007